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New Tweets From Wollay In 2017

After a silence of 4 months, Wollay has posted several new tweets about snow shading, dungeon and engine in 64 [...]

New World Map

Yesterday Wollay (the developer of Cube World) published a new tweet with a screenshot of the new world [...]

CubeWorld-Servers.com Switch To HTTPS

CubeWorld-Servers.com has been switched to HTTPS protocol. This change is totally transparent for users.Here are [...]

New Tweets From Wollay

After a silence of almost one and half year, Wollay has posted several new tweets about factions and new songs for [...]

Something Going On Cube World Planet

Since two days, the Cube World community is excited :Two days ago, Wollay uploaded a new Cube World song on his [...]

Two Years Anniversary

Today it's the two years anniversary since the last update of Cube World. The game received its last update on July [...]

Rumours of An Upcoming Release

Cube World has not been updated for almost two years and lot of people think that the game is abandonned and dead. But [...]

January update for CubeWorld-Servers.com

First, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2015 with hope that you will have many blessings in the year to [...]

One Year Since Last Update

Today it's the one year anniversary since the last update of Cube World. Lot of people were expecting an update and .... [...]

A New Update Soon?

The last update of Cube World was released, almost one year ago, on July 23th, 2013. And few days ago, Wollay [...]