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How To Host a Cube World Server

In the order to host your own Cube World server, you will need to own the game.
  • Open your Cube World installation directory. (Default C:\Program Files (x86)\Cube World)
  • Start up Server.exe.
  • Your Cube World server is now running.
  • To allow people to connect from outside your network, you need to port forward the server port. (Default 12345, cannot be changed at the moment)

Tools For Server Hosting

Port Forwarding Tester

Port Forwarding Tester is an online tool to help check if your port is correctly open from outside your network.

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CWMyAdmin is a server manager with lot of features: restart on crash, in-game player limit, remote API access...

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CWSRestart can help you manage your CubeWorld server. It can detect crashes and hang-ups of your server. At it's core, CWSRestart is designed as a lightweight, powerful and customizable tool. It is expandable via modules, such as CWSWeb, which offers a remote web interface for your server.

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