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Posted on November 19th, 2013 05:27 PM EST
Wollay, the creator of Cube World, has recently posted details about upcoming changes for the game. No information about next update release date, but it is already a good thing to have some news about Cube World.

I'm currently reworking some aspects of Cube World to improve the game experience. I'm planning to include them in the next update, but I still need some time to test them. Here is an overview:

  • Maximum power is now scaled to 20 (from 100). Effectively, your strength won't be affected, just the numbers are scaled and items are available for a wider level range.
  • Each land now has a power level which determines the average power of creatures and dungeons. That way, players can choose difficulty by themselves.
  • The size of lands has been decreased. The average size is now 20x20 tiles (was 64x64). This enables players to explore new lands more quickly and also results in closer cities.
  • Naming and coloring of creatures and dungeons is now analog to items: For example, a blue "Undead +18" means that he has power level 18 and is likely to drop +18 items of blue quality. In contrast to before, players can now precisely see the power of creatures.
  • Dungeon missions aren't generated daily anymore and aren't adapted to the player level. Instead, players can see on the map if a dungeon has been cleared or not (indicated by a skull icon). A dungeon is cleared by defeating the boss and will remain empty for a couple of days.
  • I'm working on underworld caverns: The idea is to have a network of caverns below the overworld with secret entrances at the surface. The underworld will be inhabited by various monsters of varying power and will add another exploration factor to the game. Currently I'm experimenting with nice-looking entrances (it's tricky to get them right).

Besides that I'm working on a better forum/comments solution, but currently the next update has priority.

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